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Court Orders Receiver to Report on Status of Missing Student Stipends by Feb. 19

The National Student Legal Defense Network is aware of reports that Argosy University has failed to release millions of dollars in student loan stipends. On February 12 we filed an emergency motion for a status conference in the federal court in Ohio, where the Dream Center Educational Holdings receivership is pending (Dream Center is the parent company of Argosy University, the Art Institutes, and South University.)

In our motion, we made the Court aware that students from across the country are hurting because of the lost money.  We also explained that the situation needs to be addressed promptly. Yesterday, in response to our motion, the Court ordered the receiver, who is now in control of the schools, to provide “a status report regarding the student loan stipends and/or the steps he is taking to distribute the stipends” by this Tuesday, February 19.

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